Client Extranet + Customer Portal

If you are a Viasat direct customer, or are a representative or consultant with a current contract and agreement, you can be approved for access. Please select the customer extranet you would like to log into, or request an account. 


General Technical Support

, case management, rma creation and documentation.


Secure Communications Customers

viasat data controllers - vdc-500, vdc-550, vdc-555, vdc-600, vdc-800, vdc-850, viasat email

mids-lvt(1), mids-lvt(2), mids-lvt(11), mids-lvt(12), mids jtrs

stt, bats-d, bats-e 1000, arms, legs, lift, toes, face

uhf - rt-1828, rt-1829, rt-1830, md-1324, docct/s

红包扫雷7个包是发包好还是抢好kg-250x, kg-250xs, kg-255x, vine, kg-142, ips-250x

红包扫雷7个包是发包好还是抢好sec 1230, sec 1170

inline media encryptor - kg-200, kg-201, kg-200r

mdd - mobile dynamic defense

linkway, ebem, mmt, cbm-400, pcma



xPEP License Files for IPS-250 & KG-250 Legacy Products


Government Network Planning — Visio Stencils 

红包扫雷7个包是发包好还是抢好the following zipped file contains a microsoft visio® stencil (.vss file) with sengrf.icumunications products.

Download Viasat Stencil